Manufacturing Certificates

· Pressure-Equipment 97/23/EC
· Certificates as per DIN ISO 9001/EN29001
Quality Management for Power Plant
Applications and Environ- mental Technical
Plants and Components by TÜV-Cert.
· Certificate of manufacturing Qualification for
Power Plant. Applications as per AD Regulation
HP 0 by RW-TÜV.
· Certificate as per TRD 201 German Steam
Boiler Regulation by RW-TÜV
· Confirmation of SIEMENS-KWU based on
KTA 1401, QSP 4a, AVS D 100/50 and stated
by RW-TÜV in acc. with KTA 3201.3
· Certificate of Welding Requirements
· Certificate of additional Quality Requirements
as per DIN EN 792-2
· Certificate of Test and Approval for Welders as
per DIN 8560 and DIN EN 287