Company Profile

ACO Actuator Control GmbH presents itself as a supplier of high-value control valves.
For the range of application we offer an individual production of control valves according to customer
specification e.g. fossils power station, gas and steam power station as well as incinerating plants.

The ACO (supplier) bring in more then ten years of technical and commercial experiences
in producing control valves.

Our companies philosophy orients itself at constantly progressive technological innovation and further
development in order to always obtain the best results for our customers.

Within the ranges manufacturing, testing, acceptences and services we realise the best of quality using
strategic partnerships with woldwide best breed suppliers of valves.

In accordance with quality management we fulfill all regulations after DIN, UVV, Vd TÜV, AD Merkblätter,
TRD and all foreign regulations and standards such as ASME, ANSI as well as DIN ISO 9001/ EN 29001.
Thus we correspond to the high quality requirements of German and foreign authorizing agencies.

For an inquiry you can call us gladly, or agree upon directly a date for a personal consultation.